Al Kluis Private Client

Are you serious about marketing your grain, and doing it well?

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What is the Al Kluis Private Client?

Grain Marketing tools and up-to-date market commentary

The Al Kluis Private Client is for the farmer who wants to move their marketing up to the highest level. Make our team part of your team. We will watch your marketing positions, talk with you on a regular basis to review and refine your marketing plan, and work with you when it is time to pull the trigger on sales and all of your marketing decisions.

Is the Al Kluis Market Pack for you?

The answer may be ‘yes’ if you...

  • farm 2,000 or more acres.
  • use futures and options.
  • want concise monthly summaries of your results.
  • want to work one-on-one with an advisor.

The Benefit

You have a marketing partner who understands the specifics of your farm operation.

What's Included

Here is a highlighted list of what's all included in the Al Kluis Private Client Pack
Inquire for Price
Twice-daily Market Updates
(twice-daily access on web or toll-free phone; morning update sent by email)
Comprehensive Saturday Email Report
CBOT grain prices
sent 3 or 5 times per day by text message
Action Alerts
sent 1 to 3 times per month by text message (with specific marketing actions to take)
Subscriber-only Monthly Webinars
Archive Access
Acces to archives of newsletters, members-only webinars, and other password-protected content on website.
Grain Bridge
Access to Grain Bridge (web-based grain inventory, sales, and revenue tracking software)
Exclusive Kluis Tutorials
Access to Kluis tutorials on Grain Bridge (password-protected)
Grain Bridge Client-only Webinars
Monthly user-group webinars exclusively for Kluis customers using Grain Bridge
Private Client support
...designation of your individual Account Manager (Christa or Danielle)
...monthly call from Account Manager to get updates on production estimates, inventory, sales, basis, etc.
...monthly reports mailed by Account Manager
Individualized marketing plan
Individual Marketing Adviser
Designation of your individual Marketing Adviser (Al, Cory, Mark, or Nick)
One-on-one consultations
One-on-one consultationsat least monthly with Marketing Adviser to review marketing plan and recommended actions
Annual Visit
Annual visit with your Marketing Adviser
Private Client-Only Workshops
Access to Private Client-Only workshops at Wayzata office
2 Almanacs

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