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An updated Beta version for our app

As part of the process for getting our first app approved by Apple, we had to switch some details on the Beta version. Beta testers, please switch to the Beta version and next week the 'notifications' will be for updates on the new Beta. (It has a little yellow banner on the icon, that says 'BETA').
Meanwhile, version 2.0 is pretty much done! Watch for that Beta upgrade next...!
The Apple approval period varies. It could take[...]

Beta testing of our app has started!

And we're off to the races! If you signed up to be a beta tester of our 'Al Now!' app, then last night I sent you the official invite from Apple to get your hands on the beta version. This requires you to have Apple's 'TestFlight' app on your iPhone first. (TestFlight is like an App Store for beta versions, but invitation-only!) While you are looking through our app and telling us what you think, Apple is reviewing the app[...]

Website update!

Every few years we 'clean house' and add some new features to our site. This time around, we made the site 'responsive'. This means it works a whole lot better on a smartphone than it did before. I hope you like the changes! Let me know if you see anything that is broken-- it's my job to make it work!
Farm Program Deadline

Farm Program Deadline

Al here again with a reminder about your new Farm Program paperwork.
Yes, back in February, you selected your five-year farm program. But you still need to sign up each year to get the program payments. The program sign-up deadline is September 30, 2015.
For many northern Corn Belt farmers in the ARC-CO program, you will be collecting $70 to $80 per acre payments on corn and $20 to $40 per[...]