UPDATED February 8, 2018


2017 crop:  If July 2018 Corn futures can rally to $3.87, then get an additional 10% of the 2017 corn crop hedged, to get to 30%.  

2018 crop: If December 2018 Corn futures can rally to $4.08, then place a hedge on 10% of your 2018 corn crop to get to 30% sold.


2017 crop:  If March 2018 Soybean futures can rally to $10.08, then get another 10% of the 2017 soybeans hedged to get to 50% sold.

2018 crop:  If November 2018 Soybean futures can rally to $10.18, then place a hedge on 10% of your 2018 soybean crop to get to 20% sold.


2017 crop:  If May 2018 KC Wheat futures can rally to $5.18, then get the next 20% of the cash 2017 wheat sold to get to 100% sold.  

2018 crop: Place a 10% to 20% hedge on your 2018 crop wheat if these targets are hit:

  • July 2018 KC Wheat futures: $5.31
  • July 2018 CBOT Wheat: $4.65 (another 10% hedge to get to 20% hedged)
  • September 2018 MGE Wheat: $6.38
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Alan is an introducing broker with R.J.O'Brien. Alan is also a writer. He writes a column, Your Profit, which appears in every issue of Successful Farming magazine. Before that, Al was an expert columnist for Corn and Soybean Digest for 13 years; the magazine featured his Marketing Strategies column in every issue. Alan has published two books on commodities trading. His co-author on the first book, Loren Kruse, is now Editor-in-Chief of Successful Farming magazine.

Alan is commonly quoted in major publications including the Wall Street Journal, and is a featured speaker at commodity conferences nationwide. He is a frequent market analyst for the Linder Farm Radio News Network. Alan was co-author of the weekly AgInvestor Newsletter for 12 years, and is now the author of new weekly commodity advisory newsletter, The Al Kluis Report

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